May 31 2011

How To Make Your Own Paper & Fabric Flowers

I just love little paper and fabric flowers- they are everywhere; in our home, in my hair, on my handbags, even part of my blog design! And wouldn’t they be just the cutest addition to your wedding?! The best part is that you get to treasure them after your big day and display them anywhere and everywhere! With this in mind I have trawled the net for a collection of paper and fabric flower DIY tutorials for you to try…


Left: Pretty & really easy dictionary page flower tutorial on Ocasiocasa. Right: Kusudama flowers from old book pages- bold & crisp from WhipUp.

I am aware that there is a common book page theme here, and that is no coincidence because I do love it! Of course you could use any colour or patterned paper to make these- gorgeous! Wouldn’t this ‘how to’ by Stephanie Lynn make a fabulous buttonhole?! Also in this post is the most beautiful paper rose wreath- you must have a look!


Bold colours, patterns and buttons- what an awesome combination! Adore these by Mitzi Curi.


Love this patterned flower on Total Art Soul- especially the beautifully inked edges.


There are a few styles of fabric flowers in this post by ‘How To Do It Easy‘, but this gorgeous, bright example was my favourite!


For those of you who would prefer to use a glue gun than a needle and thread, this tutorial by Dana Willard is perfect!


Don’t you just adore these little recycled paper flowers on How About Orange?! A little basic origami and you’re on your way!


Think these from Craft Snob might be my favourite… and they’re so simple!


You can even buy templates for your own fabulous paper flowers like these by Esty shop Sunny & Stumpy. I just love this paper trumpet centrepiece- wonderfully unique!


Hope this post has given you oodles of inspiration and know-how! If you do give any of these tutorials a go, be sure to send in your pics- I’d just love to see the results! xXx

9 Responses to “How To Make Your Own Paper & Fabric Flowers”

  1. sarah says:

    Another amazing blog post how gorgeous are these pretty creations? Sarah x

  2. Cassiefairy Tutu says:

    Omg I love these flowers! I can already tell that I’m not going to get any work done today – going to be fiddling around with paper and fabric instead! Great post, thank you! X

  3. love vintage says:

    What a beautiful post. I will favourite this one, Gorgeous. Now where’s some paper?

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  6. joana alice says:

    está faltando o passo a passo , gostaria de aprender fazer as flores de jornal…

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