Dec 15 2010

Gramophone DJ

Having recently purchased a gorgeous 60′s record player, I am developing an ever increasing love for the warm nostalgic sound of vinyl! I have since spent many hours trawling through hundreds of dusty old records at boot fairs and charity shops, building my beloved collection! It got me to thinking how amazing it would be to incorporate the romance of vinyl into a wedding, so I Googled it! Not much luck… there would appear to be very few gramophone DJs on the net, so let’s eke them out of the woodwork as I am a true believer that this is the next big wedding trend!

It's a wind up

The top spot on Google for ‘wedding gramophone dj’ was occupied by the fabulous Love My Dress wedding blog for their feature on ‘It’s a Wind Up!’- gramophone enthusiasts Matt and Annabel from Manchester, who specialise in playing original 78rpm shellac discs on 1930’s picnic style gramophones with pop up lids which they wind up to play!


I also came across the Shellac Sisters from London, who describe themselves as ‘four glamorous retrochics who dress in all things vintage and play 78rpm records on 1920s wind-up gramophones.’ How fabulous do they sound! Their gramophones don’t need any electricity (just lots of wind-up action!) enabling them to play in parks and gardens or just about anywhere you like! They’ve even had unique electrical attachments custom designed for large events, so that they can plug their grams into an amp and turn up the volume! They have a vast collection of 78s covering all styles of music from the twenties through to the fifties… Big band swing, classics like Tea for Two and The Lambeth Walk, novelties by Noel Coward and cheeky music hall acts, 1920s flapper favourites, Hollywood movie classics, jumping jive, 1950s rock’n'roll, latin exotics, tea dancing foxtrots, quicksteps, blackbottoms and cockney knees ups!


Another prominent gramophone DJ, DJ78, from Norwich, has appeared on BBC2’s ‘Working Lunch’ programme and on BBC Radio 1, performed at London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week and even presents a regular radio show, ‘The Shellac Shake,’ on Future Radio in the Norwich area. He also claims to have performed at “more weddings than you can shake a stick at!” Some resume! GJ78 plays an eclectic selection of popular music from the dance bands of the 20’s to the rock’n’roll pioneers of the 50’s and looks rather dapper in his dinner suit and dickie bow!

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  1. What an absolutely fabulous idea! Can I get married again please? ~ Cxx

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